900watts Sanyo Microwave for rent




Type : Rent
Date : August 5, 2018
Condition : Daily
Location : By mountain of fire byazhin junction, Abuja

Rent this Sanyo powerful 900watts, touch screen microwave, serious renters, please contact me

Mention Rent it Naija when calling a merchant in order to get a good deal


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Safety Tips!
  1. Trade with caution, do not send money to anyone you do not know or pay for item(s) you have not received or seen.
  2. Do not send item to anyone or address you have not verified.
  3. Do not visit any vendor or Rentee alone. If you must, make sure you meet in an open and safe place.
  4. Make sure there’s a check list or written agreement between the Renter and Rentee, ascertain the standard and condition(s) of the item(s) before concluding.
  5. Do not Rent to anyone or location if  you’re not sure of recovery.
  6. If you suspect any fowl play, do not hesitate to report to us, or call the nearest police if need be.

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